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Conveying Applications and Recommended Products

This part of our website is dedicated to Conveying Applications. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. has the knowledge and capabilities to design with you the perfect solution for your conveying application. Click through the links below (Timing belts, slider beds, profiled belts, belt backings, pulleys) to learn more about some typical components for conveyors.
Note: For best performance, always use BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. products together.

Recommended Products:

Timing Belts for Conveying

conveying - timing beltsCode V (spliced and welded endless) polyurethane AT or ATL timing belts with steel tension members
These timing belt ends are joined together in a heat welding process. Virtually any length is possible and can be determined in one tooth increments. One half of the tension members transmit load in the weld area. Preferred for conveying belts, profiled belts, covered belts and general purpose applications.

Can be profiled and machined
Any length available
Many facings are offered
Various polyurethane materials available

See all the timing belts for conveying.

Profiled Belts for Conveying

Timing belt with weld on profiles for conveying goodsProfile PU-hardness and belt PU-hardness should be equal.Weld-on profiles can be attached to the belt back in any desired number and sequence. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers over 3,000 different injection molded profile designs to select from. The profile shape depends on the products to be conveyed as well as the general application requirements. Custom molds are possible and existing profiles can be altered to meet specific requirements. Profiles are usually used as pushers, dividers or carriers. Attachments (i.e., pallet carrier) can be added to the profiles as well. For enhancing stiffness (i.e., thin profiles), fiberglass filaments can also be added. For convertible profiles, see ATN technology.

See all the profiled belt options. If you don’t see a profile you need, contact us for further assistance.

Backing Materials for Conveying

linatex timing belt backingApplication specific – see various backing materials.Our large variety of backing materials can be applied to virtually all of our timing belts. The backings differ mainly in hardness, density, coefficient of friction, temperature range, resistivity and bending ability. Ask for samples to choose your backings based on the characteristics of the backing materials available. For FDA applications, choose food-grade backing material. Superior know-how and state-of-the-art processes assure a strong, high performing bond to the polyurethane belt material. Belt backing materials are stocked and processed at our Eatontown, NJ headquarters. Standard lead-time is 1-2 weeks. Customized backing machining is also available.

See all the backings materials and their properties.

Pulleys for Conveying

aluminum pulleyAluminum pulleys with flanges or with self-tracking grooves (Steel, stainless steel or delrin are available as well.)
If possible, always choose a higher number of teeth as recommended by the minimum number of teeth chart to add additional safety. Pulleys can be machined with any of the following: finish bores, hub, cut key seats, counter bores, bolt holes, snap ring grooves, etc. to meet the application requirements. Stock pulleys always come with hub and pilot bore. Special finishes are available to avoid oxidation or to increase the hardness of the aluminum surface. Metric pitch pulleys are available in standard pulley tooth gap, reduced pulley tooth gap “SE” and zero pulley tooth gap “0” for decreasing or eliminating play between the timing belt and pulley. Precise positioning and high repeatability or fast settling times are required in most linear drive systems.

Note: When you use BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. timing belts and pulleys together, we guarantee perfect meshing and optimum performance

See all the stock pulleys. Please contact us for custom pulleys.

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