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BRECOflex CO., LLC Customer Satisfaction Survey

surveyBRECOflex CO., LLC values the opinions of the companies with which we do business and we take our status as an industry leader very seriously. To ensure that we maintain the highest level of service and customer loyalty we want to hear from you! Take our satisfaction survey!

In this survey we will ask you a few about your satisfaction our products, our customer service, our applications engineers and our regional sales engineers. If you think we missed something, you’ll also have the option to write additional comments at the end. Your compliments, and especially your criticism, will be used to improve our business. We guarantee that every survey will be read and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

We know you are busy so we spicing up the incentive by offering prizes in exchange for a few valuable minutes of your time. Every week we will randomly choose a new winner who will get their choice of gift card, valued at $20.

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You can also take our survey in a larger format by clicking here.

It is our goal to exceed your expectations as outlined in our mission statement and quality policy. Please fill out this survey and look for future surveys from us.

BRECOflex CO., LLC is an ISO9001 Certified company.

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