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See the latest and most informative blog posts about timing belts and drive technology.

nylon facing on belt back

Timing Belt Options – Know the Basics

When ordering BRECOflex timing belts it helps to know your basic timing belt options. These options are available for most belt pitches with some exceptions due to belt size and timing belt construction. To find out if the timing belt you need comes with the options below, please refer to our Pitch Data Sheet page [...]
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2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey

You're invited to take our customer satisfaction survey. Let us know what you think about our products and services. Don't worry...It's short and easy. We like constructive feedback please so be brutally honest. The best part is that your opinion may even win you a prize! Every month, we will choose a random winner. The [...]
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chart of brecoflex timing belt tooth shear strength

The Two Types of Timing Belt Strength

There are two different types of timing belt strength and they are independent of each other. They are tooth shear strength and tensile cord strength. To correctly size a belt,  both strengths  should be higher than the application strength requirements.   1. Tooth Shear Strength Tooth Shear Strength is the force necessary to permanently deform [...]
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Timing Belts in the Food Industry

There are many food industry timing belt options out there. Whether you use them for conveying raw food product, conveying,  or packaging, timing belts play a vital role in the food processing industry machinery. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers a variety of belts that are food specific. BRECOprotect BRECOprotect® is our food industry timing belt but [...]
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graph showing timing belt impact noise

Timing Belt Noise Causes and Solutions

What causes timing belt belt noise and how to reduce it? There are 4common causes for belt noise. They are by no means the only causes of noise butthey are a good starting point. They are:   Impact of the belt teeth on the pulley Air Displacement by the teeth on the pulley Friction between [...]
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belt drive diagram

Timing Belt Drive Definitions & Formulas

BRECOflex provides all of the timing belt drive definitions and formulae for doing many common belt calculations. You can also use our calculations program for linear drive and power transmission applications.   When designing a linear drive you'll first want to calculate your peak starting torque, peak breaking torque and the maximum speed, if your [...]
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White Paper – Timing Belts for Special Conveying, Packaging and Food Processing Applications

Know the Belt Types That Are Best for Conveying BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. recommends spliced and welded timing belts conveying, packaging, and food processing applications knowing that they must exceed the demands of both the packaging machinery OEMs and end users.  BRECOflex offers timing belt solutions that are proven to be the longest lasting and high-quality on the [...]
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Timing Belts for Packaging

Machine designers specify timing belts in so many industries but timing belts for packaging is an especially large market market. From the belts in the transmissions that power these machines to the belting that moves product, there is need for diverse belt options.   Some Packaging Applications that Use Timing Belts   Casepacking Wrapping Cartoning [...]
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