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See the latest and most informative blog posts about timing belts and drive technology.

linear drive example

The Four Main Components of an Efficient Linear Belt Drive

Linear timing belt drives create motion in a straight line as opposed to power transmissions which operate in a rotary motion.  A simple, non-motorized example of a linear drive would be the open/close mechanism of the window blinds in your home. However, we are referring to motorized linear belt drives that are used in manufacturing […]

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Tension Member Arrangement

Balanced Tension Members Guarantee Accuracy

Accuracy Matters Every index or positioning conveyor requires precision and perfect timing. Therefore, having a long-lasting high precision timing belt that won’t elongate over time is necessary for peak performance. The combination of BRECOflex CO., L.L.C.’s superior polyurethane, patented extrusion process and balanced tension members guarantee the fast settling times, high repeatability and high accuracy […]

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atn timing belt on pulley

The Advantages of Profiled Timing Belts over Chains

This case study will cover the benefits of profiled timing belts over attachment chains and how we were able to meet and even exceed customer expectations with our ATN Convertible Timing Belt System. The Problem: This customer was questioning whether to use attachment chains or timing belts with profiles for a particular application. The Customer's [...]
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ATN Convertible Timing Belt video screenshot

Are ATN Convertible Timing Belt Systems The Solution for You?

Many customers have questions about whether the ATN Convertible Timing Belt System is right for them. You can find detailed information on our website but for a great overview, just watch the video below. Today you’ll learn about our ATN convertible timing belt system. With this timing belt system you can use our connecting kits […]

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Brecoflex listing in Design World Leadership In Engineering

Vote For BRECOflex for 2017’s Leadership In Engineering

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. is pleased to be recognized as a nominee in Design World’s 2017 Leadership in Engineering program. Our listing is in the category of Industrial Automation. The program acknowledges outstanding leadership from creative companies and individuals across several design engineering disciplines. They include electronics, fluid power, mechanical, motion control and more. Our peers and customers […]

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customer satisfaction survey

BRECOflex CO., LLC Customer Satisfaction Survey

BRECOflex CO., LLC values the opinions of the companies with which we do business and we take our status as an industry leader very seriously. To ensure that we maintain the highest level of service and customer loyalty we want to hear from you! Take our satisfaction survey! In this survey we will ask you [...]
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