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Get BRECOroll for FREE

Are you ready to rock the new BRECOroll timing belt? We are looking for BRECOroll candidates who would like to try out this revolutionary new timing belt for free. Just fill out the form below and submit it to us for review.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone conveying heavier objects across long spans that incur belt wear or machine stress due to the friction between the timing belt and the slider bed.

We will contact you and let you know if you meet the criteria for a free BRECOroll. Plus, all submissions will be randomly drawn to win a BRECOroll t-shirt (5 per month between August 1 and December 31).

BRECOflex Applications Engineering offers free technical and engineering support to anyone who needs timing belt and drive component assistance. Help is just a call away at (732)460-9500.

BRECOroll is the 2021 LEAP AWARD Gold Award Winner for Achievement in Mechanical Engineering


BRECOroll is currently only available in T20 open-ended code “M” or spliced and welded code “V.”

  • Maximum Length: 100m
  • Minimum Welded Length: 1000mm
  • Standard Material: TPUST1 (other materials upon request)
  • Standard Tension Member: Steel (Hi-Flex and Stainless are available upon request. Minimum qtys. apply)
  • Test belts free if you qualify. Fill out the form to the right

Can Your Machine Rock a BRECOroll Timing Belt? Submit Your Application TODAY!

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