Linear Drive Application Form

Fill out the linear drive application form if you need assistance from a BRECOflex engineer. They will be able to determine the best type of timing belt and pulley for your particular linear drive. The more information you can provide on the form, the better.

  • 4 main types of linear drive
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.

    • Application Loading Parameters - Sizing the Load

      If sizing to the motor, skip this section and go to "Sizing to the Motor" below)

    • List loading (including units) based on one fo the following: Torque, Acceleration, or move profile:

      Loading based on torque:

    • Loading based on accelerations

    • Loading based on move profile:

    • Sizing to the Motor

      Motor peak output may exceed above application values and break the belt in a jam situation For systems designed to stall without breaking the belt confirm motor selection in the power transmission calculator using the following loading parameters.

      Loading Parameters at the drive pulley (units are required):

    • Note: 5-6 teeth in mesh at clamps are recommended at each end of the belt.

      We will use your information to calculate the belt and pulleys required. An applications engineer will contact you within one business day. Please call us at 732-460-9500 if you require immediate assistance. Thank you .

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