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Geometric Tolerances

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers the most precise tolerances for superior belt drive performance. BRECOflex metric pitch pulleys conform to DIN 7721 tolerances while English pitch pulleys conform to DIN ISO 5294 tooth forms. All other pulley dimensions conform to DIN 7168 standards. Choosing a BRECOflex belt and pulley guaranties optimal belt matching and low friction drive components.

Outside diameter and bore:

Outside Diameterh8
pulley diagram


Outside DiameterMax Concentricity
0 to 2000.05mm
Over 200Additional 0.005mm per 10mm of outside diameter

Note: Made-Order-Pulleys: Outside diameer to Bore Stock Pulleys: Hub to Bore

pulley technical drawing


Outside DiameterMax Run-out
0 to 1000.10mm
over 100 to 2500.01mm per 10mm of outside diameter
over 250additional 0.005mm per 10mm of outside diameter
timing pulley spec diagram
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