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Pulley Locations

Pulley vs. Idler:

In general, timing belt systems are tensioned with the help of idlers.
For one directional drives, idlers are placed best close to an engaging belt into a pulley.
For bi-directional drives, the idler should be placed in the center between both pulleys.
In both cases, “a” should be at least 5 x belt width.


pulley and idler one directionpulley and idler bi-directional

Perpendicular Drive:

BRECOflex CO., LLC. timing belts and pulleys can be used for angular drives.
Some general guidelines should be considered.
The outside tension members experience more stress, so the following sizing recommendations should be maintained

lT = CTC distance
b = belt width lT / b >= 20

perpendicular drive bperpendicular drive

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