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This help page will guide you through using the linear drive and power transmission calculations programs. You will also find related products, tools and ways to get further assistance.

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As a single source manufacturer, BRECOflex makes timing belts, pulleys and drive components that are guaranteed to mesh perfectly together. All products that our customers specify using our calculation program can be found in stock or made-to-order with fast delivery. Learn more about our linear drive and power transmission products.

sm5 tension meter on a background of belts

Proper Pretension for Optimal Performance

The SM5 Universal Tension Meter will guarantee proper pretension

These Our calculations Programs will provide everything you need to know for sizing your drive. To keep it running at peak performance you need to be sure the belts are set to the proper pretension.

Note: The Tension Meter also has a free calculations app for iOS and Android to help you find and set the proper pretension for your belt.

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For Assistance Designing a Linear Drive or Power Transmission Drive

We offer an online calculations program that will help you size the belts and pulleys you need for your drive as well as calculate recommended belt pre-tension and more. If you would like an Applications Engineer to assist with your calculations, you can fill out the appropriate form below.