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BRECOflex Pitch Data Sheets

Download pitch specific data sheets that contain comprehensive belt specifications including:

  • available widths/lengths
  • coating options
  • tension member options
  • performance parameters and strength specs
  • minimum pulley tooth/idler diameter
  • stock part numbers (for BFX belts)

Metric and Imperial Pitch Timing Belts and Pulley Data Sheets

Self-Tracking Timing Belt and Pulley Data Sheets

AT-Series Self-Tracking Data Sheets

SFAT-Series Self-Tracking Data Sheets

Imperial Self-Tracking Data Sheets

HK13 M/V

ARC POWER Data Sheets

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. Specialty Timing Belts

ATN-Series Data Sheets

Move-Series Data Sheets

Other Timing Belts

HTD Data Sheets

Redflex Gen III Data Sheets

ATL and ATP-Series Data Sheets

Ferropan Data Sheets

STD Data Sheets

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