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How To Order

For your convenience, new and existing customers can place an online order here. You will also find links to our quote forms, calculations forms, part configurators and 3D models. Keep in mind, we still believe the best way to provide you with the best customer service is to speak with you directly so please feel free to call us at anytime, or drop us an email and we’ll get in touch with you.

Place An Order - New Customers

If you have a quote#,  click the button to place your order

If you need a quote, fill out a request below or give us a call

Place an Order - Returning Customers

Use your customer # or previous PO# to place your reorder

To quote a new part, fill out a request below or give us a call

Get a Quote

Our quote forms make it easy for you to get pricing for your desired product. The forms act as a checklist so that we can collect all of the information we need to quickly provide you with a quote and delivery. You can take your quote# and place your order here.

Timing Belts

This form will take you through a checklist of specifications including the ability to submit drawings and special instructions so we can quote you quickly.

Clamps & Tensioners

This form allows you to request a quote for stock aluminium clamps or tensioning clamps. If you have custom requirements, please contact customer service or engineering.


This unique tool will custom specify a BRECOflex pulley part number. You can use it for your own information or you can submit it for a quote.

Esband® Flat Belts

Esband® timing belts can be created in innumerable combinations of carcasses, coatings and machining options. Put all of your specifications into this part number generator and submit it for a quote.

For Assistance Designing a Linear Drive or Power Transmission Drive

We offer an online calculations program that will help you size the belts and pulleys you need for your drive as well as calculate recommended belt pre-tension and more. If you would like an Applications Engineer to assist with your calculations, you can fill out the appropriate form below.

Linear Drive Calculation Form

Power Transmission Calculation Form

Create 3D Models

If you want to download or create a 3D model that you can use in your design process or submit for quote we suggest you check out our library of stock models and our custom confirgurator program.

3D Models - Stock Products

This comprehensive library is filled with STP files of 3D models. They download as .zip files and you can view them on any 3D viewer. For your convenience we offer one here.

3D Models - Custom Configurator

You can register to use the free custom configuration to design unlimited pulleys, timing belts and self-tracking pulleys, to your specifications.

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