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Profiled Belts

Timing belts with profiles (also known as cleats) allow for innovative design solutions for dividing, stepping and positioning. They are made of the same abrasion resistant polyurethane as the timing belts. For whatever conveying purpose we can attach them in any desired number or sequence.

We can weld them on any of our belt types. The type of product to convey will dictate the profile selection. For most applications, you can choose from one of our 3000+ injection molded profiles that we can also mechanically modify by drilling, grinding, milling, etc.  based on your specifications.

Often, a machine designer faces the challenge to come up with an innovative conveying concept. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C.  offers the solution. Look at our profiled timing belt options then speak to an application engineer for free to come up with the best resolution.

ATN Convertible System

atn system image

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Weld-On Profiles

timing belt with weld on profiles

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