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Linear Drives and Recommended Products

linear driveLinear drives create motion in a straight line and there are innumerable applications that require this type of movement. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. has the knowledge and capabilities to help you design the perfect solution for your linear drive application. Below you will find a list of recommended timing belts, pulleys, tensioners, clamps, tensioning clamps for linear drives. When you choose stock items your parts can ship immediately from our manufacturing facility. We can help you calculate the correct timing belts and pulleys for your linear drive. Fill out our Linear Drive Application Form.

Recommended Products:

Timing Belts For Linear Drives
HTD_open-ended for linear drive applicationsCode M (open ended) polyurethane AT or ATL timing belts with steel tension members

These timing belts have a high tooth shear strength, a high spring rate and can be used for high speed applications up to 80 m/s (260 ft/s). For additional stiffness and higher repeatability, increased steel tension members are recommended (ATL-Series). Code M timing belts are available in 50m rolls or cut to length as per specification.

Note: For best performance, always use BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. timing belts and pulleys together!

Move-Series Open-Ended
Code M (open ended) AT MOV series polyurethane timing belts

Move-series comes in AT8, AT10 and AT15. It features a special friction reducing laminate coating and special tension members that gives it exceptional accuracy and repeatability.  It is available in 50 meter rolls or cut to any length in one tooth increments. Get more information on move series timing belts and see the  move-series specs

Note: The move-series has an optimized tooth design that meshes perfectly with BRECOflex pulleys. For longest lasting performance, opt for hard anodized aluminum pulleys.

Pulleys for Linear Drives

pulleys for linear drive-conveying and power transmissionAluminum pulleys with flanges or with self-tracking grooves (Steel, stainless steel or delrin are available as well.)

If possible, always choose a higher number of teeth as recommended by the minimum number of teeth chart to add additional safety. Pulleys can be machined with any of the following: finish bores, hub, cut key seats, counter bores, bolt holes, snap ring grooves, etc. to meet the application requirements. Stock pulleys always come with hub and pilot bore. Special finishes are available to avoid oxidation or to increase the hardness of the aluminum surface. Metric pitch pulleys are available in standard pulley tooth gap, reduced pulley tooth gap “SE” and zero pulley tooth gap “0” for decreasing or eliminating play between the timing belt and pulley. Precise positioning and high repeatability or fast settling times are required in most linear drive systems.

Note: For perfect meshing of timing belts and pulleys, use our products together!

Click here to see all stock pulleys available for immediate delivery.

Tensioning Clamps for Linear Drives

tension clamp for linear drive applicationsFor adjustable fastening of the belt ends to the equipment (Code M belts – open ended)

Pretensioning can be applied after the final belt installation. Consider having a minimum number of four teeth in mesh and increase safety by utilizing all clamp teeth available. Tensioning clamps are also available with mounting holes or mounting slots and are made of high-grade aluminum.

Click here to see all standard stock tensioning clamps.

Clamps for Linear Drives

clamps for linear drives and open-ended timing beltsFor fixed fastening of one or both belt ends to the equipment.

Tensioning has to be provided with additional tensioning components depending on the application requirements. Consider having a minimum number of four teeth in mesh and increase safety by utilizing all clamp teeth available. Clamps are available with and without mounting holes and are made of high-grade aluminum.

Click here to see all standard and half clamps in stock.

Tensioners for Linear Drives

tensioners for linear drives, power transmission and conveyingReliable rotating tensioner with integrated ball bearings and eccentric fastening hole for accurate belt tensioning.

A variety of different types and versions are available either toothed or with a flat rotating surface. Rotating tensioners can be utilized in linear slides, linear tables (omega drive fixed) and linear trolleys (omega drive moving). Consider the minimum diameter or the minimum number of teeth of the tensioner based on the tooth pitch and also consider the belt width according to the center distance of the driving pulley.

Click here to see all in-stock standard tensioners.

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