Power Transmissions and Recommended Products

power trans timing belt and pulleyPower transmission products need to be strong and reliable. Timing belts and drive components should last a long time. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. timing belts, pulleys and accessories for power transmission will give you long service life and accuracy. When you use our components together, you’ll have a cohesive system for your application. We suggest working with our Applications Engineers to guarantee proper sizing and product selection. With an extensive line of products, you can have your perfect solution up and running in a very short time.

Below you will find the timing belts, pulleys, tensioners and components that we recommend for your power drive. If you would like assistance with determining the correct timing belts and pulleys for your drive application, please fill out our Power Transmission Application Form.

Recommended Products:

BFX Truly Endless Timing Belts for Power Transmission

truly endless belt renderingCode BFX (truly endless) polyurethane timing belts (without weld) with steel tension members available in multiple material versions.Recommended tooth/profile is AT  for increased tooth shear strength. To compansate for side load, use self-tracking belts (ARC-Power). BFX timing belts are available with increased diameter of the tension members. (Kevlar tension member material has no power advantage.) Double-sided timing belts are being used for changing shaft direction in a drive system. Custom lengths are available.


Note: For peak performance use BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. timing belts and pulleys together.

See all the available timing belt pitches and widths for power transmission applications.

 Pulleys for Power Transmission

pulley with flanges and hub

For power transmission we recommend aluminum pulleys with flanges or self-tracking grooves (steel and stainless steel are available as well). If possible, always choose a higher number of teeth as recommended by the minimum number of teeth chart to add additional safety. Power transmission pulleys are available in all different variations: We can customize our pulleys to meet any specification. To avoid oxidation and /or to increase the hardness of the aluminium surface, special finishes are available.

Note: Stock pulleys ship within 24 hours and custom pulleys made to your exact specifications will ship in 8 days or less.

Click here to see all stock pulleys.

Tensioners for Power Transmission

tension pulley variety

Choose reliable rotating tensioners with integrated ball bearings and eccentric fastening hole for accurate belt tensioning. A variety of different types and versions are available either toothed or with a flat rotating surface.  Note that you can use rotating tensioners in both positions, with back bending or without back bending. The number of teeth or the minimum outside diameter of the tensioner depends on how the tensioner location is chosen.

See all the standard tensioners in stock.

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