Power Transmission Calculator

Use the power transmission calculator when designing and sizing your drive. For additional assistance please contact us at (732)460-9500 or click the link to the power transmission calculations assistance form at the bottom of this page.

1. Select Belt Type: BRECO, and belt pitch
2. Under Pulley use the arrows to highlight a pulley and change position or tooth count, add pulleys if required or change rotation direction
3. Under Belt click Preferential Length Design adjust the position of the highlighted pulley to fit a standard belt length
4. Select Power tab at top of screen, enter RPM plus either Power, Torque, or Circumferential Force, click Calculation
5. Click Report tab at top of screen to output a PDF of the full results including tensile and tooth shear safety factors

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For Assistance Designing a Linear Drive or Power Transmission Drive

We offer an online calculations program that will help you size the belts and pulleys you need for your drive as well as calculate recommended belt pre-tension and more. If you would like an Applications Engineer to assist with your calculations, you can fill out the appropriate form below.