Are ATN Convertible Timing Belt Systems The Solution for You?
May 25, 2017

Are ATN Convertible Timing Belt Systems The Solution for You?

Many customers have questions about whether the ATN Convertible Timing Belt System is right for them. You can find detailed information on our website but for a great overview, just watch the video below.

Today you’ll learn about our ATN convertible timing belt system. With this timing belt system you can use our connecting kits to easily assemble and disassemble your timing belt while it’s on the machine. Using our inserts which come in brass, nylon and stainless steel, you can easily screw down profiles up to 100 millimeter wide. Furthermore, while your belt is on the machine you can reconfigure profiles to adjust the spacing between them.

This video demonstrates how to assemble the ATN connecting kit and arranage the profiles on and off the belt.

Assembly Instructions:

  1. To assemble your ATN belt with the connecting kit first slide the fingers together to ensure proper alignment. Then take the black nylon inserts and press them firmly into the allotted spaces on the top side of the belt. Once you install all of the nylon inserts you can go ahead and flip the belt over.
  2. Next, take one flat metal plate and two of the small screws provided and using a small Phillips head screwdriver drive the screws into the belt. In this video, we are partially driving the screws into the belt using a small hand screwdriver and then we finish the installation process using an electric screwdriver. It is important to note that one side of the plates have chamfered holes where the screw heads sit flush with the surface of the plate. It is key to keep this side of the plate facing upward so the screw heads do not protrude and cause any snags.
  3. Once we finish hand tightening all of the plates we use the electric screwdriver to tighten it up. It is important to tighten the plates down completely until they are pressed firmly against the back of the belt. This will ensure that the plates do not come loose or ride up while going around the pulleys. An electric screwdriver is not mandatory for this process but does make it faster and easier.

Changing Profiles

The greatest advantage of using the ATN profile system is its ease of use, especially when it comes to prototyping. The second section of the video demonstrates how the APN insert system works to attach profiles. Just insert the brass,  stainless or nylon nuts (your choice when ordering) into the tooth side of the belt and then place the inserts down and screw them securely. You can also easily remove the inserts and profiles that have already been put on the belt while your belt is on the machine. The purpose is so that you can adjust spacing and switch out profile shapes. You can even place profiles on the connection area by removing a plate and replacing it with a profile.

For more information about our ATN convertible timing belt system download our catalog or for technical questions and information on how to order this belt call 732-460-9500. For more videos from BRECOflex please subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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