Custom Solutions with Timing Belts and Pulleys
May 20, 2024

Custom Solutions with Timing Belts and Pulleys

For the customers that BRECOflex serves, precision is paramount. High-precision linear drives, conveyors, and power transmission drives rely on BRECOflex for the long-lasting quality of their timing belts and pulleys. While there are significant offerings from stock, the real magic is in custom timing belt and pulley solutions.

35 years of innovation for our customers

BRECOflex has been at the forefront of custom innovations for 35 years. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the product quality and their dedication to partnering with customers to design bespoke solutions that elevate their business operations. OEMs look to BRECOflex for unwavering quality and innovation when designing new equipment. End users look to us for solutions that make their current drives more efficient and longer-lasting.

Timing belts with backings of specific thicknesses or with machining are one of many custom modifications available

Thinking outside the box

Customers are the driving force for our engineers. While it is easy to purchase an off-the-shelf solutions, solving problems for customers by creating customized timing belts and pulleys for their unique applications is the hallmark of what we do. Our applications staff are more than simply mechanical engineers. They are creative thinkers who engage customers to understand their challenges. Once engineers and customers begin working together, great things emerge. It is that combination of product knowledge, skill, and creativity in communicating with customers that demonstrates time and again why BRECOflex products are worth the price.

Custom pulleys are CNC machined within the tightest tolerances. Option for zero backlash or custom anodizing enhance the product even further.

Collaboration is key for all timing belt and pulley applications

The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the application. This can either be by contacting the engineering team, or filling out a linear drive or power transmission applications form on our website. The first step is proper sizing of the drive and assessing environmental conditions. Then, the process will evolve until the customer makes a purchase. However, BRECOflex's dedication extends beyond the initial sale. The team provides ongoing support, site visits, troubleshooting assistance, and, when warranted, customized training programs to empower clients to maximize the efficiency and longevity of their equipment.

By harnessing the power of precision-engineered custom timing belts, pulleys and specialty products, businesses can achieve higher levels of efficiency, reduce downtime, minimize maintenance costs, and ultimately gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

In short, BRECOflex is the trusted partner for those who demand nothing but the best.

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