Timing Belt Backings - Conveying Solutions for Every Industry
January 5, 2024

Timing Belt Backings - Conveying Solutions for Every Industry

Timing belts need appropriate backings to perform effectively in conveying applications. BRECOflex provides dozens of backings. Knowing the different types available and their specifications will make it easy to find the best solution. BRECOflex timing belt backings fall into four subcategories: general conveying, FDA (food and pharmaceutical applications), high temperature and reduced friction conveying.

 Backing Categories 

Timing belt covers fall into four main application subcategories. Read on for more details.

1. General conveying backings cover a broad spectrum of materials such as TPU, PVC, foams, elastomers, silicone, aramid and more. They can transport anything from paper, cardboard and fabric to wood, glass or stone. These materials have specific properties like resistance to wet, dry, oily, or gritty environments. Consider your environment because some are backings better suited to some applications than others.

In general, friction is inversely proportional to abrasion wear. The longest lasting backings should have enough friction to prevent slipping while giving the highest wear resistance.  

2. FDA backings are made primarily from PVC.  They have FDA approval in conformity with:

  • FDA Code of Federal Regulations, section 177.1680
  • European Regulation (EC) 1935-2004
  • Regulation (EU) no 10-2011
  • European Commission Directives 90/128/EEC and 96/11/EC

FDA backings are for direct food or food packaging contact. Note: BRECOflex recommends using TPU-AU1 timing belts for all food and pharmaceutical applications.

3. High Temperature backings can withstand contact surface temperatures up to 392°F. High temperature backings should go TPU-WB1 polyurethane, which has a temperature range up to 230°F. In some cases, standard TPU-ST1 will suffice. Either way, to maintain the integrity of the glue bond, the duration of contact with heat should be as short as possible.  

BRECOflex uses industrial adhesives and heat bonding methods that maintain a bond up to 150°F. Limit exposure to heat to short distances and time intervals. Then, provide sufficient cooling for the remaining revolution period to preserve belt life.

4. Reduced friction backings include various grades and colors of PAR which is a woven nylon (polyamide) fabric. PAR reduces friction between the timing belt and the product you are conveying. Reducing friction enables you to reduce the motor size and reduce belt and product wear.

The result is smoother operation. The most common application for this cover is accumulating conveyors. It is also appropriate for instances where you need the product to slide easily off the belt.  

 The Role of Chemical Resistance When Choosing a Backing 

One must evaluate chemical resistance for every application. BRECOflex has a chart of over 100 substances that rates their resistance against polyurethanes, PVCs, rubbers and other covers.  BRECOflex is pleased to provide material samples to test their chemical resistance.

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Processes and Modifications 

Backings bond to timing belts through either a heat or adhesive bonding processes. Some, such as PAZ, PAR and T-cover are applied during the extrusion process. However, the process doesn’t stop there. Additional modifications are available to customize a belt to suit any customers’ needs.

Grooves, pockets, vacuum holes and backgrinding are some of the possible machining options.  The process is either by router or water jet per manufacturing recommendations. Our vast product range allows us to create solutions for any industry.  See more options below.

When specifying timing belts and backings, work with a single source provider who can be your partner in precision solutions. In the realm of precision conveying, BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. emerges as your ally, offering diverse options for customization.

If you have any additional questions about the various backing subcategories, modifications and applications, please contact us.

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