BRECOprotect Timing Belts are the Better Choice for FDA and Washdown Applications
January 12, 2023

BRECOprotect Timing Belts are the Better Choice for FDA and Washdown Applications

brecoprotect timing belts
BRECOprotect Timing Belts

BRECOprotect is not the clear choice - it's the best choice

When choosing a timing belt for FDA applications the choice isn't always "clear." What we mean is that, while standard transparent TPU-AU1 is  approved for FDA use, it may not provide the sanitary protection necessary for your application. In environments where the timing belt will come in contact with impurities or other contaminants, only BRECOprotect can provide the impervious barrier that prevents the tension members from being compromised.  

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The Wash-Down Timing Belt

BRECOprotect is known for being the "wash-down" timing belt. Like other belts for FDA applications, it is made of hydrolysis-resistant TPU-AU1 but is tinted blue. It meets CFR 177, 1680, EC 1935-2004, 2002/72/EU, 90/128/CEE, and 96/11/CE requirements. This type of polyurethane resists the absorption of water making it safe for food processing and washing down.  BRECOprotect has the advantage of having fully encapsulated tension members with sealed edges and optional sealed ends. If the water gets in it can rust the tension members and crack the polyurethane.  The elimination of the mold groove, as seen in the image below, functions to encapsulate the steel cord for corrosion reasons, eliminate a pocket on the tooth side of the belt where bacteria can gather, and eliminate bacteria from embedding in the cord itself.  Ultimately, you have a safer and longer lasting product when you choose BRECOprotect over standard TPU-AU1 belts.

Brecoprotect timing belt compared to standard timing belt
BRECOprotect's polyurethane fully encapsulates the high-carbon steel tension members

Blue Polyurethane for Vision Inspection Systems

BRECOprotect's blue polyurethane meets FDA compliance for vision inspection. Blue is a color that does not typically occur naturally in the food chain. Therefore, it is the preferred by in food processing plants that utilize optical inspection systems. With a blue belt, a vision inspection system can easily differentiate between food and machine components ensuring the safety and consistency of their products.

BRECOprotect Pitches and Construction Types

BRECOprotect is available in a variety of pitches and widths for applications big and small. Choose from either open-ended for linear drives or spliced and welded for conveying. All of these pitches and widths can be made with a self-tracking guide for use with side loading, or to eliminate the need for pulley flanges. Furthermore, BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. can manufacturing profiles in FDA approved material for conveying applications that require stepping and indexing.

Brecoprotect pitch and width availability chart
BRECOprotect pitch and width availability. BRECOprotect timing belts are in stock for fast delivery.

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