The ATN Timing Belt's Many Uses
February 17, 2023

The ATN Timing Belt's Many Uses

The ATN Convertible Timing Belt System

The ATN Convertible Timing Belt is the most advanced timing belt system for stepping, indexing and conveying applications that require profiles. BRECOflex CO.,L.L.C.’s unique timing belt concept allows the customer to attach, interchange, or reconfigure timing belts in house or in the field with a multitude of profiles. The great advantage, in addition to its versatility, is that the user can quickly and easily reconfigure the profiles using simple hand tools without having to remove or replace the timing belt. The system is made to accommodate the changing requirements of your applications. It is available in 25mm, 50mm,75mm and 100mm widths. These belts are made of the same abrasion resistant and durable polyurethane as our other BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. precision timing belts.

There are several ways to use ATN

The versatility of the ATN timing belt is not just in its convertible profile system but in the optional ways you can use the belt.

atn sample with screw-on and weld-on profiles
The profile on the left is a screwed on convertible profile. The profile on the right is welded-on.

The ATN connecting kit with convertible profiles

There are three versions of the ATN Field Connecting Kit. However, to take full advantage of everything ATN has to offer, one would use the connecting kit Version "DC PRO" (continue reading below for more on versions). This option enables the user the ease of a fast field connection and the configurable profiles.

ATN connecting kit with accessories

The ATN spliced and welded "V" belt with convertible profiles

Not everyone requires a field connection so our manufacturing team can factory weld your belt and punch holes per your specifications so that you can attach profiles as you require.

ATN spliced and welded timing belt
Spliced and Welded ATN Belt. ATN is also available with a self-tracking guide.

The ATN Connecting Kit belt without profiles

ATN's tooth profile is the regular AT Pitch belt so if you are looking for an ATN10, ATN12.7 or ATN20 that you don't have to disassemble your machine to install then the connecting kit Version "C" or "DC" is the way to go.

ATN connecting kit back side view
Using the ATN connecting kit is a great option for quick belt replacement.

Assembling The ATN Connecting Kit

The ATN Convertible Timing Belt System allows for mechanically “closing” the belt. It comes in different versions which adds to the unique versatility of this system.  It features precisely cut finger-spliced ends that fit together enabling the user to easily screw the steel plates in place. The finished belt becomes the ideal solution for conveying applications, particularly for prototyping profile configurations.

ATN connecting kit assembly images

Connecting Kit Assembly

Watch the video to see a demo of the connecting kit assembly as well as the connecting and disconnecting of profiles.

Connecting Kit Versions

It is important to note the difference between the three connecting kit types as you will need to specify the version type when ordering.

ATN connection types
Version "C" is standard and for ATN
Version "DC" is for deep connection in cases where you need the plates to be flush with the belt back
Version "DC PRO" is a deep connection suitable for use with convertible profiles.

Accessories for ATN Connecting Kits

Getting accessories and replacement parts for ATN timing belts is easy as they can be ordered from our website. Simply fill out the order form from the product detail page.

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