Timing Belt Field Connecting Kit Options
December 18, 2023

Timing Belt Field Connecting Kit Options

Solutions for Field Installation

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BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. understands the needs of plants that require efficient solutions for replacing timing belts in the field. Reducing downtime to replace your manufactured spliced and welded timing belt is crucial for staying on a production schedule and reducing costs. Field connecting kits are timing belts supplied with finger spliced ends that are connected on-site by a variety of means. All options can be done without the need to disassemble the machine.

  1. ATN Connecting Kit - mechanical connection kit comprised of plates and inserts to fasten with screws to ATN timing belts.
  2. The PinLock Timing Belt - The Pinlock is a connection comprised of finger spliced ends with lateral screws through the belt teeth.
  3. Field Welder - a portable heat welding press to weld on-site.
  4. Belt Lock - a mechanical connection consisting of screws and plates for T10 and AT10 timing belts.

Which One is Right for You?

The chart below will help you to decide the best field connecting kit solution for your system.

Scroll down to read more about each option.

ATN Connection Kit

The ATN Connecting Kit comes in 3 versions. The standard "C" version works specifically with ATN10, ATN12.7,  ATN10K6 and ATN12.7K6. The "DC" and "DC PRO" versions also accommodate ANT20 timing belts

  1. The "C" connection has screws and plates that make a strong connection, but the plate is not flush with the belt.
  2. The "DC" connection has slight recess in the belt back that allows the plates to lay flush with the belt back.
  3. The "DC PRO" connection is a flush connection but is also suitable for mounting profiles in the connection area.

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PinLock Timing Belt Connecting Kit

The BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. PinLock timing belt offers a viable alternative to spliced and welded belts for fast field installation. Pinlock belts have precise water-jet-cut fingers to guarantee both ends of the belt can be easily joined during on-site assembly. The optimized finger splices ensure equal load distribution, thereby giving the connection a high load-bearing capacity. The CNC-milled bore paths are “pin straight” and the rust-proof threaded pins are easy to tighten using a cordless screwdriver. PinLock timing belts give you a secure connection and can also be used with timing belt backings and profiles. It is an easy to use and long-lasting solution for a wide variety of machines.

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The Field Welder

A Field Welder is the ideal solution for timing belt field connections when you need a connection that matches the strength of a factory weld. It can weld belts in all pitches and widths that BRECOflex manufactures. It also does double sided belts. If you have belts in more than one size, the weld plates are easily changed. The total time for welding is approximately 30 minutes. Belts are shipped with finger spliced ends. You can find more information about the field welder and assembly instructions here.

Belt Lock Connecting Kit

At belt lock connection works with T10 and AT10 pitch timing belts in conveyor applications. The Timing Belt Locks are compatible with standard AT10 and T10 belts and pulleys for direct replacement. Timing Belt Locks are available in widths of 32, 50, 75, and 100mm. Similar to ATN, the Belt Lock comes in a standard or deep connection.

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Belt Lock Connection for T10 and AT10

Having the ability to make timing belt changes as fast and easy as possible will help your bottom line. Not every conveying application is right for connecting kits. Use the chart above for reference, or contact our inside sales tech support for more information.

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