September 20, 2018

BRECOflex Introduces Move-Series AT15 Timing Belt

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. has expanded their move-series line of timing belts with the introduction of the new AT15-move timing belt. It joins the AT10-move, which was first brought to market in 2014. This new belt is the strongest belt of its size available on the market and you can only get it exclusively from BRECOflex CO., L.L.C.

The AT15move is made for high precision linear drive applications and heavy duty power transmission applications. Its greatest feature is the stiffness. If accuracy and fast settling time is what you need, not other belt can compare to AT15move.

AT15 move-series Features and Benefits:

  • Offers a lower polygon effect than AT20 or ATL20 and more teeth in mesh
  • Specially developed steel cord tension members increases belt stiffness and tensile strength, making transmission of stronger forces possible
  • Up to 40% higher belt stiffness than ATS15 and AT20, and 25% stiffer than ATL20 of the same width
  • Greater tooth shear strength than AT20 and ATL20 of the same width
  • Move-series belts have optimized tooth geometry through the use of Finite Element Method (FEM) technology, yielding better contact pressure distribution and reduced areas of stress
  • The red laminate belt coating reduces friction for better wear
  • Higher belt strength allows for a more compact drive design at the same safety factor which saves space, inertia and cost

at15move stiffness comparison chart
Chart 1 demonstrates the stiffness of AT15-move open-ended belt compared to standard polyurethane timing belts. As you can see, the AT15move surpasses all timing belts of the same width, even those of larger pitches like the AT20 and ATL20.

move-series tooth shear comparison chart
Chart 2 demonstrates the tooth shear strength of a  AT15move truly endless “BFX” timing belt compared to traditional BFX belts. The laminate coating makes the move version stronger than the standard timing belt.

For more information regarding available widths and lengths, and additions specifications, you can download the move-series engineering bulletin at

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