October 20, 2021

BRECOroll is a Gold Award Winner in 2021 LEAP Awards

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C.’s BRECOroll timing belt is the 2021 recipient of the LEAP Awards gold award for leadership in engineering achievement in mechanical engineering. The LEAP Awards are sponsored by Design World and celebrates innovation in design engineering products. The criteria was that the entry must be a new product that is commercially available in the US. There are 12 categories including the mechanical category which consists of bearings, gears, pulleys and similar products “aimed at boosting efficiency, ruggedness and serviceability.

We felt that BRECOroll was the ideal candidate for entry into the LEAP awards. In addition to meeting all of the entry criteria, we are very excited for the efficiency and cost saving that BRECOroll can provide for our customers. Being chosen as a gold award winner is reinforcement that our industry sees the value that BRECOroll can offer.

The LEAP Awards are presided over by a group of independent judges from a variety of design engineering and manufacturing companies. The judges comments on BRECOroll’s gold award winner announcement state:

“The eloquent idea lowers heat and friction for a common application. Multiple installations in a facility add up to lower energy bills and less overall ambient heat.” Congratulations!

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front cover of brecoroll catalog

BRECOroll is manufactured with rollers in the teeth. When used in conveying applications that transport heavier objects over sliders beds it will reduce friction. This, in turn, makes the belt work more efficiently and last longer. It also reduces motor stress and heat. All together, it will enable the conveying system to operate longer and better before requiring maintenance or belt replacement.

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