November 22, 2022

Introducing BRECOroll

BRECOflex is “rollin’ with the changes.”

In order to minimize this friction when using polyurethane timing belts in material transport systems, BRECOflex has developed a new product – BRECOroll.

BRECOroll is a new innovation in which rollers are integrated into the teeth of the belt.  BRECOflex believes this is a breakthrough technology for automated manufacturing and material handing applications.

Toothed timing belts used for material handling tasks are usually very long. The belt’s load side almost always lies in a support rail which causes friction.  With BRECOroll the rollers in the belt teeth replaces the sliding friction with rolling friction resulting in less stress on the belt and the motor.


BRECOroll is currently only available in T20 open-ended code “M” or spliced and welded code “V.”

  • Maximum Length: 100m
  • Minimum Welded Length: 1000mm
  • Standard Material: TPUST1 (other materials upon request)
  • Standard Tension Member: Steel (Hi-Flex and Stainless are available upon request. Minimum qtys. apply)

front cover of brecoroll catalog

Parameters, Specifications and Calculations

Download the BRECOroll engineering bulletin or contact Applications Engineering at (732) 460-9500 to get all of the specifications including:

  • Calculating the maximum load and RPM
  • Minimum pulley and idler diameter
  • Tension member spring rate, and allowable force
  • Standard belt weight, load and friction
  • Specific tooth shear strength

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