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Perfect Meshing, Perfect Tracking

BRECOflex Co.,L.L.C. the market leader in the polyurethane timing belt industry offers timing belts and pulleys as a single source vendor.

ARC power timing blets and pulleys

Perfect Meshing:

Timing belt pitch tolerances and pulley tooth gap profile – measurements are scientifically determined,
resulting in a most efficient belt drive performance due to precise and perfect meshing of belt teeth and pulley
gaps as well as a most correct pitch diameter.

BRECOflex Co.,L.L.C. offers three (3) different pulley tooth gap versions for their “T” and “AT” timing belts as follows:

  1. Normal Backlash Tooth Gap
  2. Reduced Backlash “SE” Tooth Gap”
  3. Zero Backlash “0” Tooth Gap.

The proper tooth gap selection depends on the given application and BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers free
engineering support recommending i.e. the most appropriate tooth gap version.

Perfect Tracking:

Perfect belt tracking without pulley flanges can be accomplished by using timing belts with a tracking guide and
pulleys with a tracking groove (no flanges). The tracking guides have a trapezoidal cross section and they
come in two (2) sizes, 6 mm wide and 13 mm wide.

Most self-tracking timing belts offered provide a homogeneous, serrated tracking guide. The serration provides
undiminished belt flexibility for small pulley diameters. Solid tracking guides are weld-on tracking guides.
Belt drives with self-tracking timing belts are preferred used with critical alignment designs. Nevertheless,
perfect shaft alignment is recommended.


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