Tension Member Materials

Tension Member Materials

High strength steel or Kevlar tension members are the perfect match for advanced polyurethane materials. The selected cords give BRECOflex timing belts low elongation for high accuracy and high flexibility for long service life. In addition, with no permanent elongation, re-tensioning over time is not required. SEE OUR VIDEO, BELOW and learn more about Balanced Tension Members.

Tensile strength is a a very important aspect of belt strength, providing stiffness but tooth shear strength is also a factor in overall belt strength. Read more about the Two Types of Timing Belt Strength.

Tension Members Available

All tension members provide the following superior timing belt characteristics:

  • highest efficiency
  • most desirable strength/flex characteristics
    maximum accuracy
  • high repeatability
  • extreme flexibility
  • compact design
  • outstanding reliability
  • long service life
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