Timing Belts for Packaging
September 20, 2018

Timing Belts for Packaging

Machine designers specify timing belts in so many industries but timing belts for packaging is an especially large market market. From the belts in the transmissions that power these machines to the belting that moves product, there is need for diverse belt options.

Some Packaging Applications that Use Timing Belts

  • Casepacking
  • Wrapping
  • Cartoning
  • Conveying

As for timing belt selection, T-series and AT-series timing belts are the industry standard for the above categories especially when precision and synchronicity is of utmost importance. Within these categories, belts facilitate feeding, collating, sorting, case/flap sealing, labeling, folding, check weighing, and more. These applications will typically require timing belts with backings/covers and timing belts with profiles get the job done.

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The specific application will determine which belting option to use. Some examples are below.

Timing Belt Backings

Supergrip – This backing offers a coefficient of friction of 0.6. The nub design makes it ideal for applications using rising, diagonal and inclined conveyors.

Porol – This low-density PU foam is optimal for conveying fragile parts but also is the useful backing for labeling applications.

Linatex – The high coefficient of friction (1.1) of this natural rubber backing makes it very versatile in conveying applications. On a truly endless belt, it is an ideal choice for reversing applications.


Weld on Profiles – Brecoflex can accommodate the most simple to most complex profile (cleat) designs for any conveying application. There are over 4,000 molds in stock that we can configure on any belt.

ATN Convertible Profile System – If you are in a planning phase and need to experiment with different profile shapes and timing, the ATN Convertible Profile Systems allows you to reconfigure the profiles while the belt is still on the machine. Once you have the proper configuration, this system provides the same strength, accuracy and long life you’ll find with traditional weld-on profiles.

Timing Belts for Food Processing and Packaging

BRECOprotect® is made especially for food processing, wash-down applications and vision inspections systems. The belts are made with FDA approved blue polyurethane and come in a variety of widths and sizes. They are stiff, strong and accurate. They feature fully encapsulated steel tension members and are impervious to waters and oils.

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