Timing Belts in the Food Industry
March 19, 2019

Timing Belts in the Food Industry

There are many food industry timing belt options out there. Whether you use them for conveying raw food product, conveying,  or packaging, timing belts play a vital role in the food processing industry machinery. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers a variety of belts that are food specific.


variety of brecoprotect belts

BRECOprotect® is our food industry timing belt but it also has pharmaceutical uses.  The reason for this is the construction as well as the material. The material is AU1 blue polyurethane and the construction features fully encapsulated tension members. When you encapsulate the tension members the timing belt becomes impervious to waters and oils. That makes them more sanitary because they stand-up to regular wash-downs, and they last longer.  BRECOprotect® comes in a variety of pitches and a self-tracking guide is an available option. These belts are made from FDA approved AU1 polyurethane and are blue which makes them ideal for vision inspection systems.

Meat Recovery Belts

AMR separator belt

Advanced Meat Recovery (AMR) belts.  As a food industry timing belt the AMR has a very specific purpose. They are made to scrape meat and cartridge from bones in order to maximize the amount of meat you can recover from chicken, beef and more. Our separator belts are capable of a higher product yield and a greater longevity. They feature Aramid tension members, a high performance FDA approved coating, completely sealed edges and surface texture on your choice of the outside or both sides. There are also two types of texture profiles to suit your specific application. They are available in lengths between 1300-3000 mm and widths between 150-300mm.

Form-Fill-Seal Belts


Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) belts are  for use in vertical form fill seal machines. They are made truly endless with no seams. You can choose from a single material coating of combinations of materials. We sell the OEM specified replacement belt for most FFS machines. See the list of manufactures and replacement parts.

Typically, FFS belts come in T-series pitch and the available coatings are yellow polyurethane, red rubber and blue silicone but if you require a custom combination of materials and machining  there is virtually no limit to what we can make.  The most common machining is vacuum holes that enable the belt to grip the bag/packaging during the fill process and hold it in place.

FDA Backings and Covers

PVC white timing belt backing

There are a variety of FDA material backings (covers) for polyurethane timing belts. The cover offers resistance to acids, bases, oils and salts. The the tooth side of the belt is not FDA approved, using FDA backing materials makes a standard timing belt ideal for many applications in the food, film and pharmaceutical industries. Some examples of backings you’ll find in the food industry include, White Linaplus, PVC White FDA, Supergrip White FDA, PVC Blue FDA, White Herringbone and White Nub. For more information, see our backing material spec sheets or download the B208 Backings Catalog.

Sausage Feeder Belts

sausage belt

BRECOflex offers puller belts that feed sausage links through cutting machines and other similar applications. They have high friction grip that is ideal for working at high speed. The material surface is FDA approved and hydrolysis resistant for wash down with water, disinfectants and detergents. There are standard sizes that are common in the sausage processing industry and custom sizes may be possible too. Contact BRECOflex for replacement part numbers and well as custom solutions.

For more information on food belts and well as timing belts for all applications having to do with conveying, linear drive and power transmission download our literature and see our full line of high precision drive components.

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