BRECOprotect® is a food and medical processing timing belt made of FDA approved AU1 blue polyurethane. It provides the stiffness and accuracy of carbon steel tension members which are fully encapsulated in hydrolysis-resistant polyurathane. It resists absorption of oils and waters making it ideal for wash-down applications.

BRECOprotect® Advantages

• Fully encapsulated cords for use in wash down applications
• Blue polyurethane for food inspection vision systems
• Easy-to-clean smooth outer surfaces with sealed edges
• Length tolerance/pretension consistent under varying humidity
• Steel cord belt strength and stiffness
• Resistant to oils and greases

Fully Encapsulated Tension Members for Wash-Down Applications

Enclosing the tension members protects them from corrosion.

side by side comparison of BRECOprotect and standard belt

Sealed Edges Standard - Sealed Ends Optional

Sealed edges make BRECOprotect® impervious to liquids.

BRECOprotect has sealed edges

Recommended for Linear Drive, Indexing and Conveying

Available in Open-Ended (M) and Spliced and Welded (V)

variety of brecoprotect belts

EB108 cover-brecoprotect

BRECOprotect® is available in AT5, AT10, AT15, AT20, T5, T10, T20 and F3.0. Self-tracking versions are also available. Please

consult customer service for pricing and delivery.

For technical assistance with your food or pharmaceutical application you can also speak to a BRECOflex engineer.

To get more information, please download the BRECOprotect® Engineering Bulletin.


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