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BRECOprotect® is a food and medical processing timing belt made of FDA approved AU1 blue polyurethane. It provides the stiffness and accuracy of carbon steel tension members which are fully encapsulated in hydrolysis-resistant polyurethane. It resists absorption of oils and waters making it ideal for wash-down applications. Download the BRECOprotect® Engineering Bulletin below.

BRECOprotect® Advantages

• Fully encapsulated cords for use in wash down applications
• Blue polyurethane for food inspection vision systems
• Easy-to-clean smooth outer surfaces with sealed edges
• Length tolerance/pretension consistent under varying humidity
• Steel cord belt strength and stiffness
• Resistant to oils and greases

Fully Encapsulated Tension Members for Wash-Down Applications

Enclosing the tension members protects them from corrosion.

side by side comparison of BRECOprotect and standard belt

Sealed Edges Standard - Sealed Ends Optional

Sealed edges make BRECOprotect® impervious to liquids.

BRECOprotect has sealed edges

Recommended for Linear Drive, Indexing and Conveying

Available in Open-Ended (M) and Spliced and Welded (V)

variety of brecoprotect belts

Food-safe BRECOprotect® is available in AT5, AT10, AT15, AT20, T10, T20 and F3.0. Self-tracking versions are also available. Please consult customer service for pricing and delivery.

list of available brecoprotect pitches

For technical assistance with your food or pharmaceutical application you can also speak to a BRECOflex engineer.




front cover of brecoprotect catalog

Click on the Catalog to Download it!

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