When to Choose Move-Series Over Standard Timing Belts
December 7, 2022

When to Choose Move-Series Over Standard Timing Belts

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The Downside of Traditional Polyurethane Timing Belts (Is there one?)

in most circumstances, a traditional AT pitch timing belt is a strong and stable solution. It is widely used and trusted as the industry standard when it comes to strength, accuracy and durability. However, a common problem among customers that have high-powered, high-torque applications is that a traditional polyurethane timing belt just doesn't last as long as needed. In the case of power transmission applications, traditional BFX belts may lack the needed tensile strength, forcing you to increase your tooth pitch and width to accommodate the higher force. This takes up space and costs more. For those who use open-ended linear drive belts, you may find that a standard timing belt doesn't provide the settling time and repeatability necessary for the highest precision applications. That is where move-series timing belts become the solution.

What is move-series?

move-series timing belts are an innovative belt designed specifically for high-performance drives. Its is available open-ended and truly endless construction for AT8, AT10 and AT15.  Under normal operating conditions you can expect move-series timing belts to have up to four times the operation life of standard polyurethane timing belts.

Unprecedented Cord Strength and Stiffness

Custom-engineered steel cord tension member delivers up to 75% more tensile strength than a comparable standard AT8 and AT10 tension member. AT15 tension members are specially designed to be stronger that timing belts of larger pitches. Belt stiffness is the most important parameter in linear drives and is often the limit of drive accuracy. High move stiffness provides reduced settling times over the standard AT8, AT10 and AT15. When combined with our zero backlash drive pulley, no belt comes close to the precision of move timing belts.

Optimized Tooth Geometry for Higher Tooth Shear Strength

A belt drive is often limited by the tooth shear strength. To reduce this limitation, the current tooth geometry was analyzed through 3D motion FEA (Finite Element Analysis). With this information, an optimized tooth geometry was designed to reduce areas of high stress. This results in allowable belt loads that are 30% greater than other AT8, AT10 and AT15 designs. This optimal tooth geometry works with industry standard pulleys and outperforms when paired with high precision BRECOflex pulleys (hard anodized recommended).

Low Friction Coating on Tooth Side

In addition to the optimized tooth geometry, a special laminate coating is utilized to further reduce friction between belt and pulley. This minimizes stress and wear and provides for quiet tooth engagement and smooth running.

Characteristics and Features of move-series

  • 30% higher transmittable force.
  • permits reducing the belt width by one standard size.
  • narrower drive reduces pulley and drive inertia.
  • reduced wear and increased service life.
  • more chain to belt conversions possible.
  • drastically increases safety factor when staying with original width.

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