Calculations Program

Click on an application below to open our Calculations programs. You can use the program to design your drive and determine the correct sized belts and pulleys.

NOTE: The Calculations Program runs on Java.  Sometimes users will have an issue with Java Security. We can assure you that the program is safe so if you are having problems please follow these instructions:

Click the windows logo on the bottom left > search for configure java > go to the security tab > edit site list > add > enter > ok > ok. When you run the programs you may get a pop up saying the app may be a security risk. Check the “I accept” box and run. 

If you still have a problem running the program you can enter your details into one of the calculations forms below and submit it to engineering so they can determine the best product types and sizes for your application. If you require additional technical assistance, please call 732-460-9500, prompt 6 or contact engineering here.

Linear Drive Application Form

Power Transmission Application Form

See Timing Belt Definitions and Formulae

Power Transmission

calculations pulley drive with tensioner

Run Program

Linear Drive

linear omega drive

Run Program

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