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Unit Conversions

For your convenience we have created this handy calculation page for to assist you with your application. Be sure to bookmark this page for quick reference.

Length Conversion:
millimeters (mm):
centimeters (cm):
meters (m):
kilometers (km):
inches (in):
feet (ft):
yards (yd):
miles (mi):
Force Conversion:
newtons (N):
kilonewtons (kN):
ounces force (oz):
pounds force (lbf):
Mass Conversion:
grams (g):
kilograms (kg):
ounces (oz):
pounds (lb):
Velocity Conversion:
millimeters per second(mm/s):
meters per second(m/s):
kilometers per hour(km/h):
inches per second(in/s):
feet per second (ft/s):
Temperature Conversion:
Celsius (C):
Fahrenheit (F):
Kelvin (K):
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