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When designing a drive, you will need to factor in several accessory components to assist and complement your specific applications. Accessories including clamps, connectors and tensioners must factor equally in your machinery and equipment design to achieve a well-functioning drive with lasting performance. In addition, components such as tension meters and field welding machines insure that you can quickly and efficiently repair, replace and monitor your drives as needed.

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. is pleased to manufacture the highest quality accessories for our timing belts and pulleys, giving you the convenience of being a single source provider for all components, stock and custom. Click on any accessory item below for more details.

Tensioning Clamps

assorted tensioning clamps

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assorted tensioners

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Connecting Kits

belt lock connection

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Field Welder

field welder kit

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Tension Meter SM5

tension meter with and without probe

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