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Field Welder

field welder

BRECOflex CO., LLC. offers Field Welders for installation and replacement of endless polyurethane timing belts in machinery and equipment on location. No costly and time-consuming disassembly is necessary. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. provides open-ended timing belts with prepared belt ends for field welding. Little or no machine disassembly is required for the installation of replacement polyurethane timing belts. Once the timing belt is in place, the Field Welder will fuse the timing belt ends together in about 30 minutes. Only 120V or 240V 60 Hz is required – no water cooling is necessary. The result is an endless polyurethane timing belt installed in the field on the most complex machines. The tensile strength of field welded timing belts equals the strength of factory supplied timing belts.

For a demonstration, please watch the video below. For technical support, please contact Applications Engineering.

The field welder consists of:

  • power cord for standard 120V or 240V 60Hz outlet
  • control box with power button
  • aluminum and steel body with threaded handles for pressure adjustment
  • non-stick coated bottom and top fuser plates
    Weight: approx. 8.5 lbs (for 25 mm / 1″ wide belt)

Available in all belt pitches, single and double sided, in widths from 25 mm / 1″ to 150 mm/ 6″

For more information on ways to connect timing belts, download our Engineering Bulletin by clicking the image below:

Operating Instructions for the Fieldwelder

Field Welder Instruction Guide

Fieldwelder Instructions – Click image to open

Note: The field welder uses the chemical bonding agent 1-Methyl 2-pyrrolidone (N-Methylpyrrolidone also known as NMP). It is important to dispense the chemical from the original bottle into a single use container (or airtight dispensing bottle) before applying to the belt. Chemical is only effective for the first 3-4 hours of exposure to air. Keep chemical bottle cap closed as much as possible. Discard used chemical and container after use and/or after 4 hours of exposure to air. Never contaminate the original chemical bottle with used chemical or a brush. To find suppliers of NMP please check here

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