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Tension Meter SM5

The new Universal Belt Tension Meter SM5 is designed to measure the static tension of all belts (timing belts, flat belts, V-belts) in all belt materials, regardless of the tension member material. The SM5 is more accurate and easier to use than force deflection or elongation method.

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Correct pre-tension enhances the operation of any belt drive by:

    • Increasing service life
    • Improving reliability
    • Minimizing bearing load
    • Advancing positioning accuracy
    • Reducing noise level

The peripheral force (force transmitted through the belt) must be known to determine a recommended pre-tension. These recommendations are general and offered as a starting point. Adjustments may be necessary as determined by system performance. Having the Free SM5 Pretension Calculator App can help. Get it today!

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SM5 Tension Meter FREE App

For more information on determining and checking pretension, and tension meter operating instructions, please view the SM5 Bulletin. If you own a tension meter download our SM5 Tension Meter App for iOS or Android.

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