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Interchangeable Tensioning Clamp Type B-1

Review the diagram and part numbers below for the Type B-1 Tensioning clamp. These tensioning clamps are in stock. If further modifications is required, please contact us.

Belt Pitch (mm)Belt Width (mm)Part NumberB (mm)L (mm)M (mm)m (mm)h (mm)H (mm)
T205090x180 T20 Type B-1 tension clamp901807020.519.0832
AT205090x180 AT20 Type B-1 tension clamp901807020.519.0832
ATL105090x180 ATL10 Type B-1 tension clamp901807020.519.8032
ATL205090x180 ATL20 Type B-1 tension clamp901807020.518.6832
BATK155090x180 BATK15 Type B-1 tension clamp901807020.519.5832
ATS155090x180 ATS15 Type B-1 tension clamp901807020.519.3832
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