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BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers many cover materials that bond to the timing belt. Backings provide the ideal surface for any conveying or haul-off application. They serve to either increase or decrease the coefficient of friction, depending on your needs. Cost effective manufacturing techniques enable us to offer prototypes before making production quantities.

State of the art processes and expert manufacturing prevent the cover from delaminating. The selection of the most appropriate and best performing backing material depends on the specific applications and function requirements.  Please note that we can custom machine most backings to better suit your needs.

Click on Backing Materials below to see our complete line and find the appropriate one for your application.  Be sure to review our Backing Charts and Machining of Backings to guide you toward the perfect solution.

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Backing Material Specs

backing samples

Hardness/Friction Charts

backing charts

Custom Machining Options

backing machining example

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