Red Linard 60 rubber

Red Linard Rubber Backing
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Red Linard 60 rubber

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Key Product Features

Product Overview

Product Specifications

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Min Belt Length

H and smaller-500mm, T20, AT20, XH-840mm


Max width (mm)


Width B (mm)

Length L (mm)

In-between thickness (mm)




Standard Thicknesses (mm)

3, 5, 6

Min Length mm


Silica-reinforced natural rubber

Coeffecient of Friction


# of Teeth


approx. 60 Shore A

Temperature range

40°C to +75°C (-40°F to 167°F)

Max Length

Tolerance for total thickness (timing belt + coating)

(toothed belt + coating) -1 / +1.8 mm (± 0.2 mm possible)

Minimum Pulley Diameter per backing thickness (mm)


Pitch Circle Dia. (mm)

Outside Diameter dK (mm)

d - hole diameter (mm)

M - Width between holes (mm)

m - Hole CTC widthwise (mm)(mm)

a - Hole CTC Lenthwise (mm)

a1- Edge of Clamp to Hole Center (mm)(mm)

c - Hole spacing CTC (mm)

h - Clamp Base to top of tooth(mm)

H - Clamp Thickness (mm)

Tension Member

Face Width B (mm)


Stock Lengths
Width Over Hub BN (mm)

# of Flanges

Hub Diameter dN / Hub Depth LN(mm)

Pilot Bore dV (mm)

Compatible Timing Belt (mm)

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