White Paper – Timing Belts for Special Conveying, Packaging and Food Processing Applications

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What are the guidelines and what factors are their to consider when designing your conveyor system or linear drive for packaging and food processing


Our white paper serves as a great resource of information and the stating point for any conveying, packaging or food processing project.

Get useful information on the vital elements of timing belts for conveying, packaging and food processing such as timing belt backings, profiles, and FDA approved materials such as:

  • Charts
  • Links to Data Sheets
  • Videos 

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. recommends spliced and welded timing belts conveying, packaging, and food processing applications knowing that they must exceed the demands of both the packaging machinery OEMs and end users.  BRECOflex offers timing belt solutions that are proven to be the longest lasting and high-quality on the market today.

You will find BRECOflex belts in machinery for all phases of the packaging process including processing, handling, filling, sorting, labeling, check weighing, packaging, conveying, and more.  Polyurethane timing belts can be functionally enhanced with backings, coatings and profiles in any custom configuration.

Download The Conveying-Packaging White Paper

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