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Timing Belts for Field Connections

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. provides several options for the field connection of timing belts. This convenient option offers the same quality of factory weld belts with the advantage of timing savings and versatility. When you can connect timing belts without the need to disassemble the machine you are saving a significant amount of downtime.  The following options are ideal in almost all conveying applications.

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ATN Connection Kit

atn assembly kit pieces

Prepared finger spliced ATN timing belts easily connect using plates, inserts and screws. Belt ends are factory machined to accept hardware consisting of 10 connecting plates, 10 tooth inserts, and the requisite screws. Assemble is done with a manual or electric screwdriver. They are available in ATN10, ATN12.7 and ATN20. Choose from “C” – Standard plate connection, “DC” – Deep connection with recessed top place and “DC-PRO” – Deep connection and profiles.

Timing Belt Lock

A belt lock system works like the ATN connecting kit shown above. However, these are standard T and AT pitch belts with machined ends. Choose this option when you do not require the ATN Convertible Profile System. Belt locks are available for T10 and AT10 pitches from 32 to 100mm wide. The are supplied in DC (deep connection) version which means that the plates are flush with the belt back.

PinLock Timing Belts

pin lock timing beltPinLock Connecting Kits are a superior option for field connections. There are 6 pin and 10 pin configurations depending on the belt size. They come in T10, T20, AT10, and AT20. H pitch and HTD8 is available by request.

Water jet cut finger splices fit together perfectly and the threaded pins easily screw in. The fasted method would be with an electric screwdriver but a manual screwdriver also does the trick.

See the video for more details.

Field Welder

image of field welding machineA Field Welder is the ideal solution for timing belt field connections when you need a connection that matches the strength of a factory weld. It can weld belts in all pitches and widths that BRECOflex manufactures. It also does double side belts too. If you have belts in more than one size, the weld plates are easily changed. The total time for welding is approximately 30 minutes. See the demo video on the right or get use instructions and more information here.

When designing your system, use the strength chart below to determine the best option for your application. To download the Engineering Bulletin, click the image below.

pinlock pitch chart

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