ATN Connecting Kit Instructions and Versions

atn convertible timing belt assembled

The ATN Convertible Timing Belt System allows for mechanically “closing” the belt. It comes in different versions which adds to the unique versatility of this system. These belts are made of the same abrasion resistant and durable polyurethane as our other BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. precision timing belts. It features precisely cut finger-spliced ends that fit together enabling the user to easily screw the steel plates in place. The finished belt becomes the ideal solution for conveying applications, particularly for prototyping profile configurations.

See below for simple assembly and to learn more about the three connecting kit versions. For detailed information please download our B209 Catalog. Learn other ways of connecting timing belts here.

Connecting Kit Assembly

1. Prepared finger-spliced ATN timing belt ends

atn-kit image 1

2. Assembly connection using plates, inserts and screws

atn timing belt connection diagram

3. Complete connection (endless timing belt)

atn-kit image 3

ATN Connecting Kit Versions

Version "C" (standard)

Version “C” (standard)

Version "DC" (deep connection)

Version “DC” (deep connection)

Version "DC-PRO" (deep connection for profiles)

Version “DC-PRO” (deep connection for profiles)

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