ATN Timing Belt Product Range

convertible profile system of belt pulley profiles and insertsATN is the most advanced flexible timing belt system when it comes to flexibility and convenience of using a profiled belt. Profile shapes and pitches can be adjusted without dismounting the timing belt and allows for quick changeover. See the information below for all available ATN components and be sure to view the section on ATN profiles and Connection Kits.

ATN Timing Belts

atn convertible timing beltATN Convertible timing belts are available in three pitches: 10mm, 12.7mm and 20mm. They are available as standard timing belts, or in the case of the ATN10 and ATN12.7, in a self-tracking version.


Pulleys for the ATN Convertible Timing Belt System

Pully drawing with dimension labels


ATN timing belts use standard AT pulleys. Therefore, BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. has a wide variety of readily available aluminum stock pulleys.

Insert and Screws for Attaching Profiles to ATN Timing Belts

inserts for attaching profiles to atn convertible timing belts


ATN uses special inserts to attach the profiles to. They are available in different materials depending on the specific application and are sold in bags of 100.



screws for attaching profiles to atn convertible timing belts


The ATN system offers special screws to match the inserts shown above. They are sold in bags of 100.

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