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Timing Belt Drive Definitions & Formulas

BRECOflex provides all of the timing belt drive definitions and formulae for doing many common belt calculations. You can also use our calculations program for linear drive and power transmission applications.


belt drive diagram showing calculation terms

When designing a linear drive you’ll first want to calculate your peak starting torque, peak breaking torque and the maximum speed, if your loading is based on torque. If you loading is based on accelerations the calculate your peak starting accelerations, peak breaking acceleration and maximum speed. Finally, if you are loading based on move profile then you must calculate your drive time, braking time and traverse distance. Taking the values into consideration you should also determine your desired safety factor.

When sizing to the motor (loading parameters at the drive pulley) you are required to calculate peak power and RPM, peak torque and RPM, peak peripheral force and RPM and reduction ratio. Factors such as whether or not there is belt back-bending also must be considered.

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Peripheral forceFU[N]
Specific tooth forceFUspec[N/cm]
Admissible tensile loadFadm[N]
Pre-tension forceFv[N]
Shaft forceFW[N]
Acceleration torqueMB[Nm]
Specific torqueMspec[Ncm/cm]
Specific PowerPspec[W/cm]
Load bearing torqueJ[kgm2]
Angular velocityΩ[s-1]
Center distancea[mm]
Belt lengthLB[mm]
Belt widthb[mm]
Pulley widthB[mm]
Bore, pulleyd[mm]
Pitch circle dia.do[mm]
Crown diameterdk[mm]
Span lengthLl[mm]
No. of teethZB
No. Teeth w i=1z
No. of teeth in meshze
No. teeth small pulleyz1
No. teeth lg. pulleyz2
Acceleration timetB


formulas for drives
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