Timing Belt Options

Timing Belt Options – Know the Basics

When ordering BRECOflex timing belts it helps to know your basic timing belt options. These options are available for most belt pitches with some exceptions due to belt size and timing belt construction. To find out if the timing belt you need comes with the options below, please refer to our Pitch Data Sheet page to get all of the specifications for your belt.

PAZ Nylon on tooth side of timing belt

PAZ (Nylon Facing on Tooth Side)

Nylon facing on tooth side offers:

  • Reduced Coefficient of Friction
  • Improved belt/pulley engagement
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Lower friction force when used with metal support
nylon facing on belt back

PAR (Nylon Facing on Belt Back)

Nylon facing on the belt back offers:

  • Reduced coefficient of friction
  • Ideal back cover for accumulator conveyors
  • Resistant to most oils and greases
PAZPAR timing belt covers

PAZ-PAR (Nylon Facing on Both Sides)

Nylon facing on both sides of the belt Offers:

  • The combined advantage of PAZ and PAR
  • Reduced coefficient of friction for conveying applications
  • Improved belt/pulley engagement on the tooth side
  • Resistant to oily substances

T-Cover (Clear Polyurethane Back Cover)

Extra Thick Polyurethane Belt Back Cover Offers:

  • 85 Durometer clear polyurethane
  • 2mm thickness as standard (T5 is 1.5 mm thickness)
  • Wear and abrasion resistant
  • Higher coefficient of friction is ideal for conveying smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and wood
Belt extruded with extra thick back

DR (Extra Thickness)

Extra thick polyurethane belt back offers:

  • Homogeneous construction (extra thickness added during the extrusion process)
  • Perfect for longitudinal and/or lateral machining
  • Extended service life for high wear (abrasive) conveying applications
double sided belt option

DL (Double Sided)

Double Sided Timing Belts Offer:

  • The ability to transmit power on both sides of the belt
  • Double Sided Belts are ideal for serpentine drives
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