Get The Data You Need From Timing Belt Pitch Charts
June 19, 2020

Get The Data You Need From Timing Belt Pitch Charts

Pitch charts, or timing belt pitch data sheets give you the information you need to identify your belt. In addition they supply the available options and the parameters necessary to aid in your drive design. The advantage of data sheets is that you will get all of the specs for the particular pitch you want. However, if you want to compare all belt specifications of all belt pitches, we recommend you download the B212 Timing Belt and Pulley catalog and reference pages 124-127.

Let’s brake down each part of the pitch data sheet for each BRECOflex timing belt pitch below.

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The 1:1 scale pitch diagram

Every timing belt pitch data sheet has a scaled drawing like the one pictured below. It is important to note that due to screen resolution, you should not compare your belt to the drawing as it appears on screen. You’ll need to print out your pitch data sheet in actual size to be sure you are getting a 1:1 size ratio.

scaled AT10 belt diagram


You can go to the Timing Belts section of our website, click on the pitch series you want then click on the specific pitch. You get all the info and links to download the data sheets.

Timing Belt Construction Type

There are three construction types of BRECOflex timing belts. Some belts, due to their specific purpose, only have one or two construction types.

Code “M” Open Ended

Open ended belts are manufactured by the roll and have bifilar parallel tension members. They are used in linear drive applications.

screenshot from AT10 M data sheet

Code “V” Spliced and Welded

Spliced and welded timing belts are made from open roll stock and cut to the specific weld length. The preferred applications for Code “V” belts are conveying, including the use of profiles and timing belt backings.

screenshot from AT10 V data sheet

Code “BFX” Truly Endless

This is an endless, extruded belt with no joins or interruptions. It has bifilar tension members helically bound through the belt for outstanding straightness and tracking. It is used for power transmission applications.

screenshot from AT10 BFX data sheet

The Timing Belt Performance Parameters

This includes:

  • Power Transmission
  • Rotational Speed
  • Peripheral Speed
  • Synchronous Pulley Specifications
  • Application Example
AT20 product performance parameters


The Belt Specifications

These specifications pertain to the belt strength, stiffness and mass. They include:

  • Belt Series
  • Pitch
  • Construction Code
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength in Newtons
  • Maximum Allowable Tensile Strength in Newtons
  • Specific Belt Stiffness (for belts with standard steel tension members)
  • Specific Belt Mass (per 10mm of belt width with standard tension members)

For specification on belts with custom materials, backings and tension members, contact customer service.

AT10 timing belt specifications

The Minimum Pulley and Idler Diameter

Every pitch has a recommended minimum pulley diameter in order to insure the proper meshing and belt performance life. There are factors that will affect the minimum such as backings, which will require a larger diameter (more teeth) pulley.

AT10 recommended pulley diameter chart

The Standard Material

There are 16 types of polyurethane used in BRECOflex timing belts. The most popular, standard type is TPU-ST1 which is known for its performance characteristics and for its suitability for most applications. Some pitches come in more than one material as standard. For the full list of materials available for custom order please refer to the B212 Catalog, pages 130-131.

AT10 standard polyurethane material chart

Ordering Example

There is a method to writing a BRECOflex part number. Below you will find a color diagram. If you would like more information, watch the video below

color diagram of a part number

The Stock Part Numbers

For “M” and “V” belt construction, the part number is specified by the customer based on the desired length and width. For “BFX” belts the stock part numbers are listed. If you need an in between length of width is will be made to your specifications. When BRECOflex stocks matching pulleys for your pitch, they will be listed on the data sheet. These too can be made to order if the customer requires a size or modification not shown.

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