Timing Belts

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. manufactures the most extensive range of polyurethane timing belts with the most tooth configurations of any belt manufacturer worldwide. Our Application Engineers provide free design assistance to ensure the best product selection and correct sizing of your timing belts. Using BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. imperial and metric pitch timing belts can save your company money and downtime in the end.

Click on any icon below to see more details such as the available pitches. You can also get information on the three construction types and tension member materials we offer for each belt series.


t-series image

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AT belt series image

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AT move-Series

BFXmove AT10 belt

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ARC power BAT series

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Imperial-English Pitch image

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double sided belt sample

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self-tracking belt sample

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atl belt image

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SFAT Self-Tracking

self-tracking SFAT

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atp tooth configuration image

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htd belt image

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std belt tooth image

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Flat Belt Series

polyurethane flat belt

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Redflex Gen III-Series

redflex rendering

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Ferropan V-Belt-Series

ferropan sample

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breco-protect fda timing belt

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Timing Belt Options

Learn how to write a timing belt part number and Use part # Generator.

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Belt Construction Types

Learn the difference between M, V and BFX and their applications

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Part Number Generator

Learn how to write a timing belt part number and Use part # Generator.

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Benefits of using BRECOflex CO., L.L.C.  Timing Belts:

  • Available in Open-Ended M, Welded-V and Truly Endless BFX
  • Extremely wear resistant (85 and 92) Shore A
  • The only brand with flexible tension member design.
  • High tooth pitch accuracy
  • High tooth sheer strength, no post elongation
  • Large power range up to 200 KW(275 HP)
  • Highest positioning accuracy (Standard Plus Technology – BFX)
  • Resistant to petroleum, oils and fats
  • No hardening with age
  • Quiet, smooth running without vibration, maintenance free

Contact us for a free consultation on how we can improve your operations by using our superior products.

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