Custom Pulleys

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C has the expertise and technical capabilities to manufactures pulleys that are designed for the most intricate applications. Our state-of-the-art technology can accommodate any type of machining including counterbores, keyways, setscrews, lightening holes, self-tracking guides and much more. If it is technically feasible, we will be able to produce it no matter what size, material or detail required. Furthermore to assist with your projects BRECOflex can manufacture a prototype as well as any production quantity.

Contact Application Engineering to discuss your custom pulley requirements and design challenges. You can also design your own pulley model using our custom 3D Model Configurator. Download your model or submit it for a free quote.

Custom Pulleys in Aluminum and other Finishes

Aluminum is the standard metal for all stock pulleys and most custom pulleys. However, there are a variety of other materials and finished such as steel or hard anodized aluminum that your application may require. BRECOflex CO., LLC uses CNC technology and a highly skilled manufacturing team to make your custom pulleys with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. View our Materials and Finishes

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Bolt Hole

custom pulley with bolt hole

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Flange 1

custom pulley with one flange

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custom pulley with counterbore

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Flanges 2

custom pulley with two flanges

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Lightening Groove

custom pulley with lightening groove

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Mounting Holes

custom pulley with mounting holes

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Lightening Holes

custom pulleys with lightening holes

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Screwed On Flanges

custom pulleys with screwed on flanges

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Self Tracking

custom pulleys self-tracking

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Setscrew Hub

custom pulleys with set screw on hub

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TL Bushing

custom pulleys with tl bushing

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Setscrew Face

custom pulleys with setscrew on face

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Snap Ring

custom pulleys with snap ring

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