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Timing Belts 101

This is the gateway to polyurethane timing belts 101 – education and knowledge base. BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. want you to know everything about our belt construction and options. Click on an icon below and find out more.

We aim to assist our customers with every opportunity to design and specify timing belts themselves. Our timing belt 101 education should give you a working knowledge of how BRECOflex constructs our timing belts. It should also give you some insight into the type of construction and options you need. Although this website has tools and materials that guide you through the design and spec process, we strongly encourage taking advantage of our free engineering support. The applications engineers on our staff live and breath timing belt drive design. In addition to insuring that you are ordering the correct product they will educate you as to why their recommendation is the most and cost effective and best solution.

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